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025 Hacker GP42 (2x ECL86 Triode Pentode, EZ80 Rectifier)

This video is for the Hacker GP42 record player amplifier (part 1) which is a two-stage Triode/Pentode Push Pull (NOT Ultra Linear) design, circa 1964, manufactured in Gt Britain by the Hacker Brothers.

These players were often considered to be technically the best of the bunch when compared to Dansette, Bush, Ferguson, Decca, Pye and other portable record players of the time.

This is an introduction to the GP42 circuit which uses Twin ECL86 Valves and an EZ80 Full Wave Rectifier. This amplifier produces over 8 Watts of music power with a freq response of 50 - 15Khz.

In part 2 of the Hacker GP42 video we will shoot a voltage check with an AVO meter testing in more than 15 points throughout the circuit.

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