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We are pleased to help audio electronic service technicians and students of the subject towards learning about vintage domestic and professional equipment.

Based in the United Kingdom we are a collection of several audio service technicians .

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Vintage Audio Workshop would like to thank tutor Phil Moss for his kind efforts and time in presenting these video tutorials.

Videos Posted So Far:

BBC AMC/2 Mic Pre-Amp - AC/SP3A

Bush SRP-31C - ECL83 x 2

Bush SRP-31D - ECL86 x 2

Dansette Bermuda Mk.2 - UCL82, UY85

Dansette HiFi Mk.2 - ECL86 x 2

Dansette MC1961 - EL84

Dansette Viva Popular - UL84, UY85

Decca Decola - PX25 x 2, L63 x 6, 5U4G

Dynatron Mazurka - ECL82 x 2 (Each Channel)

Hacker GP42 Record Player - ECL86 x 2

Heathkit Pre-Amplifiers - UMC-1 = EF86,ECC83: USC-1 = EF86 X 2, ECC83 x2 (Each Channel)

Leak Point One Pre-Amplifier - EF86 x 2

Leak TL10 Power Amplifier - KT61 x 2, EF86, 6SN7, 5Z4

Mullard 3-3 - EF86, EL84, EZ80

Mullard 5-10 - EF86, EL84 x 2, ECC83, EZ81

Pye Black Box - EL42 x 2, ECC83

Quad Control 22 Pre-Amplifier - EF86, ECC83 (Each Channel)

Quad II Power Amplifier - KT66 x 2, EF86 x 2, GZ32

RCA 5AR4 Mic Pre-Amp - 12AY7 x 2

Shaftesbury Duofuzz Germanium Distortion Pedal - 2SC828 x 6, OA91 x 2

Single Valve Gramophone - ECL80

Stern Mullard Mixer - ECC83, EF86 x 2

Tunetime ORP-10 - ECL82

Williamson - KT66 x 2, 6SN7 x 2, 5U4

MOD 6V6GT Beam Tetrode & 6J5 Driver Single Ended Amplifier

​With Phil there are still a few more more videos in the edit process to post and these will be ready very soon.

Phil's videos still to post:

Dynaco ST-70 Power Amplifier

GEC KT66 Push Pull Triode Amplifier

Health & Safety - High Voltage & Advice

Mullard 5-20 Power Amplifier

PYE 4 Channel Mic Amp Mixer (Germanium transistor 1964)

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Spring 2024


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"I have been watching your videos for several months, and they are very good quality"

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"Excellent explanation. I am bidding on the amplifier which is now being sold on ebay and this has helped me understand the circuit without having to reverse engineer her."

Stewart Palmen,Youtube

"Many thanks for this and your other excellent videos"

Ian Watkin, Youtube

"Thank you for an excellent description of the Mazurka. As a teenager i saved up for quite some time and bought a brand new mono Mazurka. After about 6 months i invested in the second channel and seperate matching speaker unit, what an improvement !! It was my pride and joy. I am retired now but those two units are still iin mint condition sealed up in my loft. I have recently considered restoring them electrically. So thank you again."

Colin Farrow, Youtube

"This guy knows what he's talking about"

Aidan St. John McNamara, Youtube

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"Thanks so much for this! I only wish i'd realised I could have plugged my guitar in when I was an 11 year old with an electric guitar and no amp! :D I finally understand the stereo out socket!"

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"Fabulous. I Love Quad. I love all your videos, please keep them coming"

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"Brilliant. I have a stock of Quad II's that I am bringing back from the grave. 10 or 15 years ago they were the best I have ever heard. But now they need attention. These insights are pure gold!!!"

Mark Cornwell, Youtube

"Very interesting video and information. My dad had this equipment in the 60s including the decoder for stereo fm, also the am tuner which if my memory serves me right was available as either medium long short and medium short short waves and dad had the latter. Quad service was brilliant back then. There was a problem with one of the units out of warranty we turned up with it and the engineer said leave it with us and come back after lunch which we did and it was ready repaired and at no charge. Dad moved on to 33 303 fm2 which I still use along with my own 33 303 and 2x fm3 but wish he had also kept the valve set up too."

Barry Thompson, Youtube.

"Very good video Sir.. You explained the schematic of those beautiful amplifier's as well as one can. I had never heard of the brand before (maybe they weren't exported to the U.S. in great quantities?), but they are extremely well built, the company obviously took much pride in their products."

Bucyrus Erie 12, Youtube.

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